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Thread: The Best On Line Map Store

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    The Best On Line Map Store

    I'm a map junkie and have collected about 200+. I've checked a few online stores out. Anybody care to throw out some shops and their experience with shipping, customer service, etc...

    Good selection with raised relief maps and historical

    THE MAN HIMSELF -they have a great selection and quality rocks! (I think)

    and of course


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    Aug 2001
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    If you like historic maps, then check out American Memory at the Library of Congress: Cities and Towns. All digital, yet fun to look at and study! This link is already in the Cyburbia Resource Directory, and I've mined it for some "Olde Tyme Guess the City" threads that I have fun doing in the Cities and Places forum.

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    Aug 2002
    Uh oh, I am a real map addict. This is a bad thing to discover when I'm at the office!

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    I've collected about 250 maps. I'm a useless junkie.

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    Gotta give props to the hometown folks at Milwaukee Map Service which is (or was) owned by one of my high school geography teachers.


    I love that American Memory site. You could spend hours browsing maps, photos, ads, and all the other stuff on there.
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    At my last city, the City Clerk tried to throw away the linen surveys of the original town, drawn in 1890... I rescued them, got them framed, and hung them in the CC chambers.
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