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Thread: Outdoor storage in Industrial districts

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    Feb 2002

    Outdoor storage in Industrial districts

    We allow outdoor storage providing it is located in the rear yard, adequately screened, and located more than 300 ft from a residential use. Well, one company recently decided to ignore our regulations, and then went to City Council to complain when I sent them nasty grams. Council has asked me to look into how other communities handle this.

    Where is outdoor storage allowed in your industrial districts. Is it a special or permitted use, and are there any restrictions?


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    Aug 2001
    What kind of industrial district are you talking about? Heavy, light, business park? Our outdoor storage areas in St. Albert are treated differently depending on the district.

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    Any outdoor storage in an industrial/light mfg. district is a conditional use. It must also be screened by a fence or landscaping. Our problem here is that most of the businesses that have outdoor storage have been in the City far longer than the C.U. requirement, so we have a few businesses that have crap all over the place.

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    Aug 2001
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    Ours similarly varies from the B-3 to the M-1 and M-2 districts. It is all very minimal, though. The only M-1 property in the city is the business park. The covenants there, along with zoning, require storage to be located in the side or rear yard and to be fully screened. Storage is not allowed in any street yard. While not specifically stated, we would apply the required 30' rear yard setback to the location of outdoor storage where it abuts residential uses.

    Outdoor storage is also addressed in covenants I wrote for a B-3 district I have developed, targeted to building contractors. In that district, outdoor storage is not permitted in the front or side yards. There is a 10' setback requirement for the rear yard, however, it backs onto a railroad and industrial extends 2500' beyond that.

    In any case, we would not allow storage in the front yard, as it appears this company is doing.

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    Chris: from our Industrial Zoning Districts:

    D. Storage Areas
    1. All outdoor storage shall be visually screened from access streets, arterials and adjacent property. Outdoor storage shall be meant to include parking of all company-owned and operated motor vehicles, with the exception of passenger vehicles. No storage shall be permitted between a frontage street and the building line.
    2. Bulk storage of gasoline, chemicals, petroleum products, and flammable materials shall not be permitted except as accessory to a principal use, accessory to a service station, laboratory, production operation, airport service or the servicing of company-owned or leased vehicles.
    3. The Planning Board may allow certain signs, electrical power, communication systems or related facilities within the required setback areas which do not abut public rights-of-way.
    4. A public right-of-way as used in this section applies to vehicular travelways and includes private rights-of-way intended for public access to two or more enterprises, buildings or lots, unless otherwise specifically approved by the Planning Board.
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    Feb 2002
    Heavy Industrial it ougth to be by right and screened, save any toxic or hazardous, there should be performance criteria---spill management plan etc...

    Careful with light-industrial/office business parks. IMO we should encourage the mixing of clean sort of widget assembly operations with class b-c office uses. Small outdoor storage areas may be acceptable if screen etc...

    Your example is pretty glaring however, and should be regulated by height and screening.

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