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Thread: YellowTimes

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    Aug 2001


    TGIF and another pass it on link for provocative reading www.YellowTimes.org and...

    if you remember my worrisome (not paranoid, beaner) post of 3 mos ago about students, visas and jihad; the following essay which doesnt mention student visas at all, somewhat clarifies why I was so jolted by that essay ' the mujahid and his driver'

    I wont reference the thread, it progressed to a rant and died in flames...

    "Pakistan: A Jihad Chronolgy, By AH Cemendtaur

    Off Topic:
    Two days in a row of school cancelled here, the drifts of snow have a treacherously slick layer of ice over 'em, too bad our lake is mush
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    Feb 1998
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    And now we have the Axis of Evil. What do you do when there is internal division, like a very close election? Find a common enemy. I have used the technique personally and professionally--and it works very well.

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    Oct 2001

    I must disagree

    Mike they found us. We didn't go looking for them. If your logic held up FDR was just looking for a second term and decided to pick a fight with the original axis of evil to get people thinking about other things besides the depression.

    I think our president and his team is doing well and I support them. On the other hand if we ever find his "manseed" on a staffer I hope he doesn't slam cruise missiles into an aspirin factory. That would be tacky.
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