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Thread: Development design reviews

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    Feb 2002
    Washington, District of Columbia

    Development design reviews

    Our office is increasingly encouraging applicants to use planned unit developments (PUD) to achieve some level of architectural design control even when there are no other zoning benefits to be realized (such as an increase in the allowable floor area ratio or building height). One option being considered is to create a lower standard for the design-control PUD than for PUDs that includes substantial zoning relief.

    Do any of your jusrisdictions use PUDs in this way? What other zoning tools are available (currently being used) to control project design?

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    Feb 2002
    Athens, Georgia

    planned development districts

    We have planned development districts, our version of the PUD, where there are no pre-set standards for lot size, setbacks, or even uses. Everything is a conditional use requiring approval of the site plan and elevations of all structures, landscape plans, etc. We use this for commercial, residential, and mixed uses developments.
    The extra information to submit and extra cost to make "prettier" buildings is offset by the possibility of increased density, decreased setbacks, etc.

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