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Thread: Green/open space ordinance

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    Green/open space ordinance

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether Green Space ordinances exist and if so, where I could get a copy of one to suggest to my city council.

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    Open Space or Park Protection Ordinances

    I am new to this list and am very interested in Open Space ordinances etc. I live in Long Beach California -- where the City considers parkland to be free, vacant land. As a consequence our parks are gobbled up by commercial development and outrageous public projects. We do live in a land-locked city by the sea -- but it is totally due to poor planning. For example, the City tore down thousands of single family homes to build 6-8 unit apartment buildings with NO parking spaces. Worse yet, a lot can have TWO of these apartment buildings on them.. with NO place for children to play. What ended up happening was that the units were overbuilt and ended up going section 8 which brought in a very large community of low-income residents. To make matters worse, our residents in these high density areas have very little recreation space.

    We are currently fighting the development or expansion of a police station in one part of town -- where the City took LWCF [land & water conservation funds] but are now rezoning the land to expand a police stations to take up 2.5 acres of the park.. the best 2.5 acres of the park.

    A couple of years ago I fought the City off from building a 42,000 sq. ft building on my local park... but we need help figuring out how to draft and ordinance and we need PRESSURE from outside of our city's incestous political circle.

    We've had city meetings on "parks and perpetuity" to preserve the parks.. but this isn't working either -- as the politicians get a heads up on park "takings" before the public and remain silent. Most recently, the city decided to take 2.5 acres of a brand new park -- fence it off during the day -- so they can build a school that will use the park... unfortunately two electrical towers are slated to be built NEXT to the park and proposed school area including a large co-generation plant -- which is also situated next to a major freeway and the City's large coke dust producing PORT.

    Sorry to whine... but we need some example or referrals of who to contact for funding for an initiative and drafts of ordinances for open space and parks.

    I'm all ears.


    P.S. We have a local listserv for local issues but it is monitored by our police department because we are considered to be subversives cause we don't agree with the City's land use and plannin policies about parks and open space - and redevelopment.

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    Open Space Provisions

    The State of Michigan amended several County/Twp and Village zoning provisions, that now makes it required for townships with a population above 1,800 persons to include Open Space Zoning provisions as an OPTION in zoning ordinances, starting in December of 2003. A couple of sites you might want to consider in trying to find examples, as I do not know of any at this time, since the legislation was just passed in December.

    The Michigan Townships Association Home Page

    Planning and Zoning News web site

    Both should give some information on Open Space/Green Space provisions for zoning ordinances.

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