I'm really, really sorry that I couldn't get you guys the Benton Park and Cherokee Street Pictures I was planning on taking. I planned on taking pics downtown today before I went there, and I ended up running out of memory. Someone in my family probably changed the settings to the camera making the images larger. The good thing about this is that my pictures came out in better quality. I really have to get out of downtown. If anyone has any suggestions of neighborhoods to take pictures of, please suggest them. Oh, I also need to add that I was amazed at the traffic on Washington Avenue, and the amount of taxis downtown now. What we need now is more pedestrian traffic.

Ok, on to the pictures.

This picture for some reason doesn't fit the rest of my style, but I put it in there for the hell of it. It looks like those city pictures from the 60's a little bit. I thought that was kinda cool.

This guy was following me, so I took this picture to piss him off.

Come back for Part 2. I have some good pics there too.