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Thread: What an excellent guideline document

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    What an excellent guideline document

    I just picked up this document from the home page today. I wish the authorities over here in Europe could do more simple, easy to understand, common sense guides for people trying to deal with design for communities, housing and transit.

    I think the US is way ahead, on that score. In fact, anyone i know here who is any good at all - spent time studying from you guys over there in the US.

    An analysis of sprawl in Contra Costa County, CA, and opportunities for smart growth.

    Contra Costa County: Smart Growth or Sprawl? is a guidebook for citizens, planners, local government officials, and members of the news media concerned about the future of development in one of the Bay Area’s most rapidly growing counties. It assesses how sprawl can be contained and how smarter growth can encourage much-needed housing and revitalize existing urban areas.

    Or this one is just as useful,


    Get your copy today.
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    While that site deals specifically with the problem of sprawl on the west coast, how about some east coast urbanity, cosmopolitan sophistication?


    Check it out, some great articles about Manhattan and environs. This feature in particular is a very good summary of what has happened development wise, building wise and even disaster wise to the city of New York in the recent past.


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