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Thread: Check This Out! All The Old Planning Peeves Messages Are Here!

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    Check This Out! All The Old Planning Peeves Messages Are Here!

    I can't believe I found this - the old Planning Peeves forum from 1997-2000.

    As you know, this disappeared when the new forum format came on line sometime in 2000. I was disappointed because I posted a lot of threads - under Drewsager among others - and wanted to read some of them again.

    But thanks to Archive.org, most of it appears to be intact. Not only the main page, but the threads and replies. Check it out!


    Dan, you can thank me later.

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    Well, it turns out that not all of them are archived, but most of them are. Of the five I tried so far, only one said "Not In Archive"

    Anyway, this is still a goldmine.

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    You have saved me hours of work!!!

    That archive just saved me from having to recreate several webpages from my town's "old" website! My boss and I were discussing yesterday how several of the the pages of our old website were lost when we moved to a new provider and redesigned the site. I was going to have to retype and recreate about 12 pages from the old site...until I found it on in the archive!

    I can't thank you enough for cluing me in to this resource.
    "Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not. The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change. The question is how." -- Edward T. McMahon, The Conservation Fund

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    Very, very cool. Thanks!

    I've seen the site, but I didn't know they had the old peeves! I'd transfer some of the older messages this way, but it would scroll off the newer messages.

    It's amazing that it even archives the images. For instance ...

    Hard to believe that was part of a serious planning-related discussion, huh? Welcome to Cyburbia.

    I'm tempted to get e-mail addresses of old posters, so I can tell them about the forum updates -- but would it be considered spamming? Possibly.
    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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    Aug 2001
    I was one of them myself and I imagine that if they haven't followed the changes they'd probably love to hear from ya. After all spaming is like junk mail. It's only junk mail if you didn't want it. I you only send one note if they don't want it they'll ignore it and life goes on.

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