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Thread: LED/Backlit/Digital flat panel signs??

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    Jul 2003
    Who cares.

    LED/Backlit/Digital flat panel signs??

    We're also working on our sign ords, and I was wondering if anyone has encountered one of these, and how they regulate them? I've seen one in action--it looked like a 672-square-foot flat-panel TV, and lit up the sky.

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    Mar 2002
    Upper left edge
    We prohibit them. A local sign company put one up illegally a couple of years ago and we immediately had rear-enders when people watched the tv instead of the road.

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    Jul 2003
    Troutdale, Oregon
    Omigosh --- those things are sooooo evil! I was once driving up the San Francisco peninsula, where it gets very foggy. Not only did the thing light up the sky on a clear night, but on a foggy night, the light just reflected all over in the fog. Even if you weren't looking directly at it, it was hard to see the road!

    It's just scary to know that these things are legal in some places. Please, please, please don't allow them in your sign ords!

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    Mar 1996
    Upstate New York
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    They probably meet the definition of animated or flashing signs in your sign ordinance, so they're probably banned already. I have seen codes that allow such signs, provided the message only changes once every few minutes, and doesn't contain any animated elements.

    Most American communities prohibit animated signs. Please don't let 'em back into yours.

    Some language from the code I wrote. Prohibited signs include:

    Signs that have changing light, color or motion effects, whether intentional or resulting from a defect. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:

    • Signs that have changing light, color or motion effects, whether intentional or resulting from a defect. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to:
    • Blinking, flashing, chasing, strobe and alternating color lights, whether included into a sign or not.
    • Electronic message centers.
    • “Eye catchers” and similar shiny devices designed to reflect light and create a glimmering or flashing effect.
    • Signs emitting flame, smoke, steam or other visual matter.
    • Signs with animated or rotating parts.

    This prohibition does not apply to:
    • Signs with flashing or chasing lights on concessions and rides at special events such as fairs and festivals.
    • Holiday decorations and light strings displayed during December. Light strings must not outline or highlight a sign.
    • Rotating barber poles at a legitimate barber or beauty shop.
    • Accurate time and temperature displays.
    • Warning signs and markers placed by government authorities.
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    Sep 2001
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    Here is what we are proposing. Banning is not an option here, Council wants things left open for the little guy. It has yet to go to council

    Sign, Electronic Message Board means any sign that uses changing lights, or other electronic media, to form a sign message or messages wherein the sequence of messages and the rate of change is electronically programmed and can be modified by an electronic process.

    Electronic Message Board signs shall be permitted in the Highway Commercial (HC), Shopping Centre (SC), Institutional (IN), University Community College (UC) Mixed Use (MU) and all Industrial Zones, subject to the following:
    a) not exceed 8.0 square metres in total area;
    b)there be no scrolling or flashing of any portion of the message;
    c) each message, or portion of message be displayed for no less than one minute;
    d) that the maximum length of time between changes of messages, or portion of messages be not more than two seconds;
    e) shall be located no closer than 100 metres from any illuminated traffic control device; and
    f) may not exceed more than one per lot.
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