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Thread: Advice on reading material?

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    Advice on reading material?

    This forum appears to be a place where I can obtain some needed information regarding seminal readings in urban planning. I am interested in your opinion of the leading texts, articles etc. in urban planning. I am contemplating entering a graduate program in September and am looking at readings that provide a foundation. Thanks.

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    My suggestions:

    The Urban General Plan, by TJ Kent

    The Practice of Local Government Planning (The Green Book), edited by Charles Hoch, Linda Dalton, & Frank So

    Small Town Planning Handbook, by Daniels, Keller, & Lapping

    Rural by Design, by Randall Arendt

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    A few suggestions:

    "Incrementalism and Public Policy" by Michael Hayes

    and "Basic Methods of Policy Analysis and Planning" by Patton and Sawicki, although a dry read is a vital book.

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    Classic Readings in Urban Planning by Jay Stein

    Guidelines for Prepairing Urban Plans by Larz T. Anderson

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    What I would do is check out Urban Planning Master's Programs on the web and look at their syllabi- that is a great way to get started. Find a class on a topic that interests you, then start poring over any online syllabus that exists.

    In the meantime, to get some groundwork laid, pick up Jane Jacobs' Death and Life of Great American Cities, and dig "Garden Cities of Tomorrow" by Ebenezer Howard out of your local library.

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