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Thread: Design Friendly Utilities

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    Design Friendly Utilities

    Monopoles for cellular communication facilities can be built with "stealth technology" that serves to disguise the industrial appearance of these towers. How much design stealth technology exists and can it be applied to other structures such as weather towers?

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    In Monument, Colorado, there are 2 cell towers (I think that's what they are)that are made to look like surrounding pine trees....they also look a little like brown poles with green tutu's. They are in El Paso County. In Douglas County, CO they have cell towers hidden in many creative ways (silo's, baseball structures, etc.) If you want more info, you can call Douglas County Planning at 303-660-7460 and ask for the zoning administrator.

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    We have a "pine tree" tower that looks successful at a distance, but it is the tallest tree in the forest by far! Up close it is a brown industrial pole. Not too good in a residential area, but ours is on back land of a school and is ok there (behind the football stadium and light standards).

    We have one in the steeple of a church. Completely stealth. The church likes their Tall steeple.

    We have one planned for an existing ground mounted brick bell tower with metal roof. The brick will be extended and a new stealth roof will cap it in the same design that was there before. Total height will be to 99 feet. No flashing lights. The church's pitched roof is already about 75 to 80 feet high. Architecturally it looks good and in proportion to the existing church.

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    Yeah we have a bunch of the "trees" which are about 150' high while the surrounding trees are at about 50'.

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