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Thread: Hospital Campus

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    Hospital Campus

    I would like to limit the amount of surface parking at a yet to be built hospital campus. The site is currently undeveloped and does have natural constraints to development. Neverthess I don't want to wait until the land under the cars becomes valuable enough to warrant structured parking so additional development can ocurr where the parking is (will be). Ideas I have include bonuses against impervious area requirements and outright limits. Does anyone have any ideas or experience in forcing structured parking?

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    limits of imprevious surfacing

    You might want to have them explore the issue of stormwater treatment. The size of the de/retention facility and water quality issues may warrant a structure since you get the same parking a remarkably smaller footprint. Plus your treatement facility would shrink since they would only have 'one' footprint of the structure. it may look cost prohibitive in the idea stage and easier to create a sea of aspalt, but here in the pacnorwest, we encourage the upwardness of structures.

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