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Thread: I wonder if this would work with other animals... and some humans

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    Apr 2003
    Somewhere between the mountains and the ocean.

    I wonder if this would work with other animals... and some humans

    If you want different results in your life, you need to do different things than you have done in the past. Change is that simple.

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    Jul 2003
    Wherever I May Roam
    Should be given to those humans who got into the gene pool when the lifegaurd was not looking.

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    Dec 2001
    I wouldn't give my animal brith control pills, I'll just do what Bob Barker tells me to do and spay of neuter my animals. However, on humans, I think this should be mandatory if they get government assistance, are in school, or have not completed a parenting class... but that's just my opinion. (Besides which I found out it costs me over $500/year to stay baby free for prescription costs but it's free to have an abortion- dumb dumb dumb!!)
    When Jesus said "love your enemies", he probably didn't mean kill them.

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    Jun 2003
    NSW, Australia
    How do US media editors choose the stories they pick up from overseas?

    Unless a kangaroo steals a gangster's jacket with a million dollars in the pocket (happens regularly by the way), I bet you don't see another Australian story before the end of August.

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