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Thread: Accessory Buildings

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    Accessory Buildings

    I am interested in what others are doing regarding accessory buildings. Here in Lexington, now accessory buildings can be constructed 18 inches from property lines, while the principal structure must be 6 feet from the side property lines.
    There is some interest in increasing the side yard for accessory buildings to the 6 foot mark.

    Any thoughts?

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    Dec 2001
    behind the Circle K
    We require accessory structures to meet the same setbacks as the primary structure. That seems pretty standard in the communities I'm familiar with.

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    Dec 2001
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    Well from the engineering side with buildings that close to the property line it gets pretty tough grading the individual lots, especially if there are any plans to run a swale down the property line.

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    Feb 1998
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    3.5 feet from side and rear lot lines, prohibited in front yards. Exception: storage shed less than 150 sq ft may be on the side/rear line, a few others. I was "convinced" to allow flagpoles in front yards. (from the 50's: fallout shelters may be situated in any yard area)

    You may need different requirements for the different zones. Check your variance applications and permit activity in older parts of town. Can someone build a carport beside/behind the principal residence? If you want to regulate each and every prefab storage shed, do you have the resources?

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    Mar 2002
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    I guess I don't see the advantage of allowing an accessory building to be any closer to the side yard lot line than the primary structure. What if there are problems with the utilities....the accessory use would have to be moved away from the utility easement.

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    Feb 2002
    Athens, Georgia
    We allow accessory building behind the actual front building line of the house. They have to be at least 20 feet away from the house and at least 5 feet off all interior lot lines. Setbacks from streets conform to regular building setbacks.
    The 20 feet setback stems from a fire department requirement for access and separation. We issue variances in the office when the fire department approves the placement.
    If the building is attached with a breezeway it is considered just as any addition and must meet all setbacks.

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    5' from side and rear property lines, underlying setbacks for street side apply, rear yard only (defined as the area between the back of the house and the rear property line), never forward of the building line if on a corner lot, 10' from the host structure, and outside of all easements.

    Accessory structures larger than 150'^2, and all accessory structures designed to accomodate vehicles, must be architecturally compatible with the host structure -- colors, exterior materials and trim, window/door treatment, design details, and roof pitch -- even if the structure is not visible from the public right-of-way.

    Accessory structures cannot have kitchens or bathrooms. (No sewer in my exurban town.)

    If the structure is connected to the host structure with an open breezeway, it's still considered an accessory structure. If the breezeway is enclosed and weatherproof, i.e. it can be considered as "heated/cooled floor space," the accessory structure is considered part of the host structure.
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