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Thread: You've heard it before...

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    Aug 2001
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    You've heard it before...

    Now it's quoted in our local paper following a contentious rezoning debate:

    [name] [address] "says she is concerned for the safety of her two young children and her neighbors who ride their horses and push their strollers in the road."

    If you're so concerned about the safety of your kids, move someplace that has sidewalks, or stay out of the road!

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    Yeah, but not this...

    As a justification for rezoning from Ag to Res, divine intervention! The applicant was told by god to rezone the land before they sold it to get more money for the land.

    Approved by acclamation!

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    Dec 2001


    Good God Man! You want those people IN the road..

    We had someone oppose a zoning change for "senior living apartments" because they were afraid that the "old people would roam the streets if they got loose".
    When Jesus said "love your enemies", he probably didn't mean kill them.

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    I had it happen yesterday. We have an approved site plan for a gas station, with detailed plans for a very well-designed canopy -- hipped seam-metal roof with gables, exposed rafters, recessed lighting fixtures, corbels, earth tone colors ... everything. The building permit for the canopy comes in. It's a generic canopy, with absolutely no embellishment, and bright corporate colors to boot -- a plastic, internally illuminated yellow fascia. Denied it, of course.

    In their defending the discrepancy in canopy design, they said "well, the canopy design we used for site plan approval is usually what we use in places like Boca and Palm Beach. We just meant for it to be conceptual on these plans." What ... our town isn't good enough for quality design?

    Along with that, we got the "If you don't let us use this design, our distributor will pull out of the deal." Too bad. Corporations have to comply with the Town's standards, not the other way around. Besides, the brand apparently "wouldn't pull out of a deal if it was Boca or Palm Beach, considering that you had a special canopy design that's okay to use in nice cities."
    Growth for growth's sake is the ideology of the cancer cell. -- Edward Abbey

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