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Thread: Land Use Plan vs Future Land Use Plan

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    Land Use Plan vs Future Land Use Plan

    What is the difference between a Land Use Plan and a Future Land Use Plan?

    I think I remember that the Land Use Plan is merely an inventory of current land uses, but a Future Land Use Plan is a guide as to how the city foresees the potential uses of land to eventually be.

    Is there a legal difference as to which one is part of the Comprehensive Plan?

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    I'm just a lowly intern, so you can take this with a grain of salt. I've seen both types of land use plans incorporated into the comprehensive plan under the land use/growth management chapter. Our city requires any new developments to comply with the Comprehensive Plan; so if you include a future land use plan in the comp plan, you should be able to require developers to conform with it. I think this varies a good bit from state to state though. Hope that helps!

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    The existing land use plan which you are referring to is more commonly known as a land use inventory or survey. Land Use Plan/Futue Land Use Plan = same thing. A plan for how the community wants to be developed.

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