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Thread: Northeast Blackout

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    Northeast Blackout

    when there were energy problems in CA a while ago, the Prez said "It's California's fault" while, at the same time, his energy friends were illegally (illegal by federal law) fleecing the State.

    When the northeast had energy problems, the Prez said it was a national issue and he would do anything he could to help. Quite a change.

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    I'm shocked that the prez said what you quote; however I'm not shocked that he wouldn't give a sh*t about Ca. It's true -it's our fault. Peteey Wilson and the California legislature let Texas law and energy firms print their free market fantasies disguised as laws on our state's books. Deregulation was/ is a crime against humanity. Oh but gee how good it feels to see thugs like Ken Lay doing time, NOT. No financial comfort to anyone who put a dime into retirement funds with any of those crooks.

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