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Thread: How do you track Plan Commission conditions of approval?

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    How do you track Plan Commission conditions of approval?

    I am responsible for making sure that all of the Plan Commission & Staff conditions for approval are completed before the building inspector grants a final occupancy permit. I also do site inspections to make sure they followed the approved site, building, and landscaping plans.

    Currently my method for tracking this stuff is keeping a bunch of folders with the uncompleted projects in a bigger folder. I would like to create a database type program and I am looking for any advice or existing database models (MS Access format) that I could use so I don't have to start from scratch.

    How do others track these conditions?

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    Dec 2001
    We have a permits system where larger stipulations are put in a pop up window so if any permits are approved they see what stipulations needed to be in place before releasing the permit.

    If they are subdivision stipulations, the planner for that subdivison is responsible for signing the plot plans so we check those back with our Council approved stips.
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    We may require some conditions be recorded on the final plat or site plan, but largely, I would agree that tracking is a huge problem.

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    Aug 2001
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    All of our approvals are done by Resolution, so the conditions are pretty clear. When they apply for building permits it gets entered into the computer (we use a GIS compatible permitting system by Tidemark / Accella).

    We also have an ink stamp that only gets applied to the final, approved plan, so it is distinguished from other versions which were not approved.

    When we do pre-occupancy inspections, the computer spits out the inspection ticket, and we can print out the conditons too.
    We grab the ticket, a copy of the resolution and stamped approved plan and compare to the as-built.

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