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Thread: Portland and the growth boundaries

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    Sep 2003
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    Portland and the growth boundaries

    Hi I was wondering if anybody could give me some ideas where to look for info on urban growth boundaries and portland, also with a bit of a twist showing and identifying the chain/structure of the political power that is Oregon, from city to state levels. Ive already looked at the state website and gotten most everything I need from there, curious if anybody had any good reports books, websites, etc that I can look at. Im working on a project studying how UGB's work in Oregon, I had to put the govt. twist in there so I dont have to take a silly class, isnt this a better choice?

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    Feb 2003
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    What up E.L.

    MSU grad (BSCE '93) & Oregon resident here.

    Sounds like you've already checked out http://www.oregon.gov/

    Take a look at http://www.lcd.state.or.us/

    Good luck and play a hand of euchre for me.

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    Mar 2003
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    Recommended reading list

    Impact of UGBs/smart growth policy:

    Nelson, Arthur and Rolf Pendall, Casey Dawkins and Gerritt Knapp (2002). The Link Between Growth Management and Affordability: The Academic Evidence. Washington: Brookings. (available on-line at www.brookings.edu)

    Downs, Anthony (2002). Have Housing Prices Risen Faster in Portland than Elsewhere? Housing Policy Debate. 13:1,7(26).
    Fischel, William (2002). Comment on Anthony Downs: “Have Housing Prices Risen Faster in Portland than Elsewhere?” Housing Policy Debate. 13:1,43(8).
    (Both available on-line at www.knowledgeplex.org)

    Defining/operationalizing density/sprawl
    Lang, Robert (2002). Open Spaces Bounded Places: Does the American West's Arid Landscape Yield Dense Metropolitan Growth? Housing Policy Debate, 13:4, 755 (24).
    Galester G., Hanson R., et al (2001). Wrestling sprawl to the ground: defining and measuring an elusive concept. Housing Policy Debate, 12:4,681(37).
    (Both available on-line at www.knowledgeplex.org)

    And three very different takes on the politics:

    Fishman, Robert (2000) The Death and Life of American Regional Planning. In Reflections on Regionalism. p107-126. Bruce Katz (Ed.) Washington: Brookings.

    Leo, Christopher (1998). Regional Growth Management Regime: The Case of Portland, Oregon. Journal of Urban Affairs. 20:4,363(32).

    Lewis, Paul (1996). Shaping Suburbia: How Political Institutions Organize Urban Development. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press.

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