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Thread: CHICAGO: Riverview Building II, Lake Shore East, etc. Photos

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    CHICAGO: Riverview Building II, Lake Shore East, etc. Photos

    Since there isn't a whole lot of highrise construction activity in Indy (not yet) I figured I'd venture up to Chicago for one weekday. These were taken sometime last month. I will first start off with construction of the Riverview Building II project. If anyone in Chicago has more recent photos or info please feel free to add them.

    Riverview Building II

    Looking south towards the Lake Shore East develpoment

    View of both Lake Shore East and Riverview Building II sites from East Randolph St.

    Lake Shore East

    Look up and this is what you see from your new home.

    I wonder if these buildings will be built in phases or all at once.

    Does anyone know if there are any concrete trucks on the site yet?

    Below is the sales office for anyone interested in buying a unit

    More Chicago construction photos coming...

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    What was on this site previosly? Hope that no historic buildings were torn down for Yuppie High-rises

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