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Thread: auto body shops

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    Feb 2002
    Leesburg, Virginia

    auto body shops

    Auto body shops.

    What type of conditions are placed on auto body shops regarding noise/ odors/ waste storage? We're reviewing a special exception application for an auto body shop and are interested in conditions other governments place on this type of use.


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    Feb 2002
    Athens, Georgia
    In most cases our regulations require that the service bay doors not face any residential districts. Windows and pedestrian doors can face residences. We also limit the long term storage of inoperable vehicles. You just have to find some other place to keep your broken car until you can afford to fix it. We don't generally allow any outside storage of parts though some places "display" tires from time to time. If the site requires Commission approval fencing and landscape buffers for car storage areas may be required- and for most districts where this use is possible it does require Commission approval. This conditional use designation keeps the use out of area where noise is an issue and the handling of waste products is not part of our review.

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    Dec 2001

    Residential Adjacecy Standards

    All vehicular bays within 150' of a residential district have to face away from the residential district unless separated by a building or permanent architectural feature of minimum height matching the height of the service bays and must be of masonry or reinforced concrete with no openings.
    No outdoor vehicular repair, servicing or testing within 150' of a residential district.
    We also require federal and state licensing and registration be current on all stored vehicles.
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