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Thread: Community development seminars

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    Community development seminars

    My director wants me to take a community development/economic development seminar in 2001. Any suggestions? I don't know of many. What's good and worth traveling to?

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    Aug 2001
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    I've taken several of the CUED courses. The quality is mixed. Real Estate Redevelopment and Development Finance were very good. NDC has some excellent ED finance courses as well. I'm not sold on AEDC's courses.

    Another option might be national conferences. CUED has an annual ED Summit in February. The Americn Planning Association conference in March has some useful sessions.
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    I would be interested in the NDC course experience. I work in redevelopment. I already have an MPA and am looking to supplement without going back and getting an MBA. Are there any suggestions.

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    The EDA is having their National Forum in Washington D.C., along with CUED, I am planning on going, here is a link to the web site that details all of the information about the Forum:


    Hope this helps.

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    Aug 2001
    Is there a website for the NDC? What does the acronym stand for exactly? Any contact information?


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    National Development Council. Their site is

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