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Thread: Frisco tourism

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    Frisco tourism

    RE: http://www.planetizen.com/news/item.php?id=4287

    Just read the blurb on SF "tourism down, neighbourhoods up" to which I both agree & disagree. Having just returned from a weekend in the Bay Area & staying in a near full motel after several others were booked, I MET MANY OTHER TOURISTS, BUT NOT MAINSTREAM. OK, so maybe mainstream tourists spend more at the schlock tourist places, but nothing in the neighbourhoods. The more interesting tourists I met like myself were staying in more neighbourhood hotels & frequenting more local shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.

    The increase in tourists who either know the city or want a more unique experience are thus boosting neighbourhood business.
    As for the big tourist traps like fisherman warf, they long ceased being interesting, albeit providing a few jobs mostly for non-locals. But the city seemed as lively as ever.
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