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Thread: Reclaiming surface mines

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    Oct 2003
    Clark County, WA

    Reclaiming surface mines

    I'm working on a subarea plan for a square mile that has been mined. Its at the edge of an urban area. Depth varies 40 to 80 feet. Good road system adjacent.

    Would appreciate hearing about successful re-development plans that resulted in significant growth in employment. Thanks!

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    Jun 2003
    at the neighboring pub
    Talk to San Antonio on this one. They redeveloped a quarry into this GIGANTIC retail area. It's been extremely successful and has many higher end shops. It's called the Quarry Market if you want to look it up. I'm not sure how it was financed, but San Antonio uses lots of TIFs for economic development so that would be my guess. If I remember right it also has a bunch of condos and a nice golf course, too.

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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    Outside Chicago, near elgin, I think, there was a major redevelopment of a quarry. You might contact someone at Kane County if none of the Chicago-area Cyburbians know of this.

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