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Thread: Volvo separation anxiety....

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    Volvo separation anxiety....

    I just sold my 740 2 hours ago.....she just drove away to Poughkeepsie. I miss her already. At least the new owner fell in love with her....didn't even try and chew me down one dollar...but I did list below book. I think she will have a good home. I think I am less attached to my Toyota 4runner.... I will try not to act scorned to the 4Runner...the bastard SUV step-child....oops!

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    I can only imagine how horrible that feels! I will never get rid of my 240 unless I was able pass it along to another Volvo enthusiast. And If I had to, Id list it for below book (because they are so old Book value is irrelevant) because I paid a song and dance for it to begin with.

    I wonder if this poster still lurks, and what they sold that 740 for back in 2006, and it it was a 5 speed model.

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