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Thread: Gettysburg Video

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    Gettysburg Video

    The Battle of Gettysburg began this week in 1863.
    It was a three-day battle widely regarded as the turning point of the Civil War, involving the largest number of casualties from the entire war.
    Remember this day with this clip from Ken Burns (PBS)s The Civil War.

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    Nov 2006
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    I visited the Gettysburg battlefield with a history tour group about 4 years ago. It was very moving, especially the site of Pickett's Charge. We came into the park on the road where Pickett's men formed up their lines for their charge, and we ended our visit at the low stonewall where the charge ended. From the line of trees, you can barely see the stonewall, but you can realize the rise in elevation. When you stand at the stonewall and look out at the line of trees in the distance, you realize that Pickett's men never had a chance: they had to come across a mile and a half of open land with their only cover a rail fence while the Federal troops were safely esconced behind the stonewall with artillery behind them.

    I don't think American soldiers today would make such a charge ... but then I don't think that any American commander would ask them to do so, either. One of the reasons for the great carnage in Civil War battles was that military tactics seriously lagged behind military technology. While military commanders quickly grasped the importance of protection by using stonewalls or by building breastworks or by eventually digging trenches, they still thought those same defensive positions could be taken by direct charges.
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    Direct charges were used through WWI take a look at Gallipoli's several month siege 60,000 killed on each side and 120,000+ wounded on each side
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