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Thread: Home Depot vent

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    Feb 2002

    Home Depot vent

    I am so livid I'm going to scream. We ordered pergo flooring for the nursery from Home Depot on Oct. 1st. It's supposed to be 7 day quick ship. We called on the 13th, and Pergo had shipped it on the 9th. Home Depot had no record of receiving it. So, they were going to look into it. Never heard from them. Went in there on the 16th - couldn't tell us anything. The *expediter* from HD called us on the 17th, and said it would be here at night on the 20th (yesterday). Called this morning and it's not here, but will SUPPOSEDLY be here Thursday.

    The shipping company has had it for 2 weeks this Thursday. I asked if there was anything they could do for us (Home Depot or the shipping company), since it was supposed to be 7 day delivery and they said no. We can cancel the order if we want, is what they told us. THey are getting kind of rude about it, because I am sure they are getting sick of our calls, but give me a break - that's their job.

    Chad and I decided to cancel the order if it's not here on Thursday, but I kind of want to just cancel it now. We are in the middle of flippen nowhere, and anywhere else would be like a 50 minutes drive, so we just went to HD. Hadn't had any problem there before. The cost at the local place was like double that of HD. As it was, it is costing us $800 just for the flooring.

    Oh well, lesson learned. I will be writing to Pergo and Home Depot when this is all said and done. But, am I wrong to expect them to do something for us? I want a discount or something.

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    Jul 2003
    Overlooking the Quarter
    As you mentioned, I also suggest that you write a letter to the main headquarters of Home Depot and Pergo addressing your concerns. You never know, you may get free flooring out of it.

    Good luck and more power to you!!!
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    Oct 2003
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    I have done several special orders from HD and they have been great. I did have one problem with Lowe's but they were very nice and did give me a discount. Never hurts to ask!! You need management level to get anything any of the "boxes" though. Good Luck.

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    Aug 2001
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    Sorry to hear, especially since its for a special project!

    I have always had great luck with their customer service, so definitely take it up with the store mgmt, regional mgmt, whatever, they will make it right for you.

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    They ought to treat you right, like free shipping or an installation discount.

    I rented a cordless nail gun from the big orange box to help expedite hanging 2x8x12' rafters for my kitchen remodel. Damn thing didn't work -- the nails would not fire. Usual rental fee is $25/day -- had it two days and the rental clerk charged me $10. So, stand firm.

    If you cancel the order, think about cork floors -- they are warm (R-5), quiet, durable, and soft. We're using it in our kitchen project and we're very pleased.
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    Oct 2002
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    I wouldn't go through them. We had replacement windows installed by Home Depot...never again... they did a lousy job and the follow-up was awful and a pain in the butt... to say the least. They never did come back to finish the lousy job.... and I decided I could fix it better myself.
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    Oct 2003
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    Originally posted by tsc
    We had replacement windows installed by Home Depot...never again... they did a lousy job and the follow-up was awful and a pain in the butt...and I decided I could fix it better myself.
    TRUE!! Don't use the installation services!! The blue and orange box use the cheapest contract work and they do sub-standard work!! Tried that on a cooktop exhaust fan. Had to redo it myself also. Horrible.

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    Never order any kinds of flooring or carpeting from Home Despot, especially if they do the installing. The deliberately inflate the dimensions or amount of the carpet/flooring needed for rooms to squeeze more money out of the losses they incur from "Free installation" specials.

    We ordered carpet for our basement rec room a while back and they said we had to order so much extra square feet because of the unusual dimensions of the room. We asked them how could this be? The room is a simple rectangle - X by Y. They wouldn't back down, showing all this statistical mumbo-jumbo - about our room being a foot too wide for a standard roll - when any third grader could figure out that we needed far less.

    Eventually, we went to another (local) dealer whose prices were slightly higher, but because their calcuted dimensions were accurate, we saved about $100 over Home Depot's falsely advertised price. Outright criminal.

    Let me state again: Home Despot will deliberately exaggerate carpet sizes need for rooms. This is how they make their money when they do their "free labor" specials. Avoid them a all costs.

    Someone should do an investigation into this. I would love to bring some bad publicity to this criminal enterprise.

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    Dec 2003
    Don't bother asking for help there, you got to do it yourself, commando style to find what your looking for.
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    I'm probably the last person to answer questions about HD (I've been inside of one a total of 2 times in my life), but I'd definitely follow up on it with letters and complaints.

    I've heard similar horror stories to SAC's as well. A friend of mine compared two like projects, and figured out that he saved about $250 by going with the local over HD, because of the accurate installation estimates.
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    Aug 2001
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    HD should be giving you something for the delay. When I ordered a storm door from them and it was taking a long time to ship, they offered me a better door at the same price and had it there the next day.

    I had a similar experience with my furniture. It took two months to arrive. When I called after five or six weeks, they sent out a $100 gift card.

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    Sep 1999
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    Originally posted by Cardinal

    I had a similar experience with my furniture. It took two months to arrive. When I called after five or six weeks, they sent out a $100 gift card.
    My new furniture (a few years ago) arrived 5 minutes past the scheduled "window" for delivery. Within a few minutes, the furniture store called me to say they knew the guys were late, and were refunding the entire delivery fee.

    My mom had a bunch of wood blinds installed by Home Depot last year and they did a wonderful job, showed up on time, etc.

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