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Thread: Rate Your Professors

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    Aug 2001

    Rate Your Professors

    I wish they had this site when I was in university. I had a couple of profs that were just awful! Do you agree with the ratings on your fave or most hated profs?

    There are also other similar versions of this site for rating middle and hs teachers, and a Canadian site to boot.

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    Oct 2002
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    glad to see that some of my professors from college are still there.... Makes me feel not so old....
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    Oct 2003
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Hard to say. Checked it and some ot my profs were still in service. Not enough ratings to have an accurate reflection of the experience. Once it catches on, or if it ever does....

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    Jul 2003
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    I would have to say that this site is interesting, and entertaining. As far as using it to help acomplish choosing classes and assessing professors, I would say it is nearly worthless.

    I looked at a professor that I know who rubs students the wrong way. I had this proffessor for at least 4 classes and some research projects outside of class.

    Some students assessed him well or absolutly hated him. I am guessing that the students who liked him (myself and others with some amount of ambition) were grad school bound in the planning field. Others (more disliked him than liked him) that disliked him tended to be students not in planning related fields of study and/or the intellectualy lazy students.

    Over all, the site could give you the idea of the emotional mind set needed to do well in a class. It might also give you a sense of the work load.

    My own tendency is this; The teachers I have learned from and respected the most worked me the hardest and challanged my world view the most. If a proffessor is not doing that in a social science realated they are not being successful.
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    Sep 2001
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    The half dozen I checked where pretty much bang on. I would not use it to select a class, I cared about the prof, but it is interesting to see that some people never change. (good and bad)
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    Apr 1996
    New Hampshire
    Nice site....fun...I rated my fave professor, and was the first to submit a rating.
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    Aug 2001
    The Cheese State
    I looked up a handful of my old profs. The challenging ones tend to have the lowest marks.

    Frankly, Dr. K____ could be very intimidating. He has a mediocre rating. He is brilliant, and teaches the most difficult subject matter in the department. I doubt I learned more from any other proffessor I had during college.

    Dr. G____ was my prof for three philosophy courses. Again, the subject matter was difficult. Again, his marks are mediocre (well, just got better ). The most valuable things I learned as an undergrad all came from his classes.

    I hope that the people who visit this site realize that the ratings have very little to do with quality.

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    Jan 2003
    Santiago, Chile
    Didn't find my school.. (the school I went when I was in the US) but I guess it's because it's an elementary school...

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    Aug 2002
    Originally posted by tsc
    glad to see that some of my professors from college are still there.... Makes me feel not so old....
    Haha. I feel ancient; only one of my professors from college was listed. Hard to believe that was XX years ago...

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    Jul 2003
    Troutdale, Oregon
    None of my major professors were listed. Of my non-major courses, my favorite was listed, but not my least favorite -- hopefully because someone finally discovered his ineptitude and fired his butt.

    In my post-school age (graduated 3 years ago), I find myself irked by the ranking of "easiness". Of course, should I have used such a ranking page when I was selecting profs/classes, I would have found this a plus, but now, I find it concerning that students would use "easiness" to decide what classes to take. <sigh>

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    Mar 2002
    Some of mine where there, some of the best and some of the worst. Glad to see I had the same gut feelings bout them.
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