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Thread: Missing Time Stamp

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    Missing Time Stamp

    Where did the time stamp disappear to? The time of the last message post next to the Thread Subject Line no longer appear together?

    Is it a setting on my profile or something? Was it removed as an update? Can we get it back? It was a VERY handy feature and can't imagine why it was disabled. Let us know what is up.
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    The Threadspotting feature on the main page was changed, so only posts from the more serious planning-related subforums are included on the list of most recent posts. Because such posts occued with less frequency than off-topic Friday Afternoon Club subforum posts, leaving the time stamp would present the appearance that the forums were not very busy.

    The administrators and moderators hope the increased percentage of planning and urbanism-related topics shown in Threadspotting (from about 20-30% to about 100%) draws more planners into the Forums.
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    And given the fact that the time in the timestamp was fixed to a certain Timezone, the time shown didn't apply to many... (like me)

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