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Thread: quirky ad campaigns...

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    Jun 2003

    quirky ad campaigns...


    I've always been a sucker for well crafted marketing(as opposed to in-your-face-mountainDewd/herbal essence stuff), and tend to frequent establishments or buy products from companies that actually get creative with ads. Though I haven't bought one yet, Volkswagon has always been at the top of my list for how they advertise. After seeing thsi webpage, its obvious that they've ALWAYS been that way too. Quirky, irreverant, funny, tounge-in-cheek. Thier advertising agency(ies) are most definitely at the top of thier game.

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    May 2003
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    I definitely agree with you. VW has done a great job, particularly in the last 7ish years.

    With one notable exception. When the New Beetle was introduced the ads were stoopid. Especially when compared to the Jetta ads.

    My favorite was the Jetta ad extolling the inclusion of a full size spare - Coelacanth Thatone killed me. Ahh, simplcity.

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