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Thread: 2 Year old actor/model seeks lost wages in lawsuit against city

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    Nov 2002

    2 Year old actor/model seeks lost wages in lawsuit against city

    2 year old actor/model seeks lost wages in suit against city after banging head in playground. Dude's got to support his family, you know.

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    Aug 2001
    Capital Region, NY
    i just can't believe people. i wish there was a proper way to dismiss these lawsuits...maybe some form of public humiliation...something to discourage others. and reading this after the wal mart story didn't help.

    the kid is 2 yrs old...they don't think when they run. that's why they get hit by cars when a ball goes into the street. whatever happened to being told to be careful and when you fail to heed that warning, mom/dad says "see what happens? i told you so!"
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