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Thread: Regent Park, Toronto

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    Regent Park, Toronto

    Regent Park. Some consider it to be the worst ghetto in all of Canada.

    However the city has come up with a ingenious plan to revitalize the area using funds from private developers.

    The plan is to increase the amount of subsidized units and get private developers to build condominiums which will pay for most of the redevelopment costs. A mix of incomes will be encouraged with the housing split 40% assisted / 60% condominium bringing the total to 5000 units, up from the existing 2087.

    The plan is modeled off the existing St. Lawrence neighborhood, which is an excellent example on how to create a high-density community with a mix of uses and incomes.


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    Without exploring it in too much depth, I would be concerned. 40% assisted units is a high percentage. It would be far better to spread those units around, where they would have better access to jobs and not create a low-income marketplace for retail and services. I would think it would also be difficult to sell condos in an area that is planned to have poverty levels 2-3 times the national average.
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    Currently the area is nearly 100% assisted. I fully agree that further diversification is better but it would cause the cost to soar and the development may no longer be economically feaisable.

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