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Gallery rules, facts and things to know

This page will be updated from time to time. The last update was 18 August 2004.

The Cyburbia Gallery is NOT an image hosting service

The Cyburbia Gallery is a benefit offered to active Cyburbia Forums members and other friends of this site.

Forum participation is required

Gallery posting privileges are granted to those with 25 posts or more in the Cyburbia Forums.

If you reached 25 posts for Gallery access and stopped posting in the Forums, your Gallery use privileges may be suspended or removed.

If you are inactive for more than six months, your images may be removed at the discretion of the Gallery moderator.

(Discuss this rule)

Hotlinking is a privilege, not a right

When multiple images in the Cyburbia Gallery are hotlinked to threads in other bulletin boards (,,,, etc) by their owners, a similar post must also be made in the Cyburbia Forums. Failure to crosspost may result in image deletion.

Please ask for permission before hotlinking an image from a very busy site, such as Slashdot or Fark.

Cyburbia moderators monitor other bulletin boards and check site logs to ensure hotlinking is not abused. Leechers may have their Gallery posting privileges revoked and their images removed. and imghst are good free image hosts, without the content and leeching restrictions of Cyburbia.

Images must include accurate descriptions

The name of the pictured site and its location must be included with uploaded images, so thse browsing the gallery can identify what the image depicts, and where it is. Default camera image file names (ex: DSC03433.JPG) and very simple file names (ex: cityimage1) alone are not adequate. Images that do not include accurate descriptions may be removed at the discretion of the Gallery moderator.

Images must be related to the built environment

The Gallery is intended for to be a showcase of images related to planning and the built environment. Personal images should be uploaded only to the Temporary Images gallery. Personal images outside the termporary image directory will be deleted immediately; otherwise, they will be deleted one week after they are uploaded.

Uploaded images will be tagged

Uploaded images will be automatically labeled at the lower right hand corner with this small tag or "bug,"

Suggestions for even less prominent but equally effective tag designs are welcome.

Uploaded images will be made available for others to use

Uploaded images will be subject to the Creative Commons licensing and intellectual property scheme, unless stated otherwise.

Keep backups

The Cyburbia administrator maintains regularly updated off-line backups of most images stored in the Gallery. Images should also be stored locally on your computer and on archival quality (Taiyo Yuden, Mitsumi) CD-R media. We are not responsible for any images lost through Web server or host problems.

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