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    by Published on 08 Nov 2011 7:00 AM
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    TED, an acronym for "Technology, Entertainment and Design", is a series of conferences formed to spread "ideas worth spreading". TED's mission statement is:

    "We believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and ultimately, the world. So we're building here a clearinghouse that offers free knowledge and inspiration from the world's most inspired thinkers, and also a community of curious souls to engage with ideas and each other."

    TED conferences include a number of TED Talks by influential presenters on a variety of subjects. The popularity of TED spread when TED Talks were made available online, and a growing number of TEDx events were organized in cities throughout the world. Until recently, the talks focused on technology, multimedia, science and design. With awareness of issues related to the built environment coming to the forefront in recent years, it was inevitable that urban planning and urbanism would become the subject of many TED Talks. Here's 12 planning-related Talks as an introduction to what TED offers. Unfortunately, they aren't eligible for AICP CE credits. ...
    Published on 30 Jul 2007 7:00 AM
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    By Richard Carson

    Unless you have been living in a cave in Tora Bora, you have read and heard the words “sustainability” and “sustainable development” a lot in the popular media. The words are put before you in magazine articles, television interviews or conference flyers daily.

    So what is “sustainable development” and where did it come from? Did Al Gore invent it? Well, all evidence to the contrary, Al was a little late to the sustainability party. His 1992 book, “Earth in the Balance” and the subsequent Oscar winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” were only about 35 years after the fact. ...