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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

We respect your privacy. All information collected on Cyburbia will be kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed to others. Any information you give to Cyburbia will be held with the utmost care, and will not be used in ways that you did not consent to.

Email addresses and personal information

Email addresses collected by user email sent to site administrators, Cyburbia Forums registration, or other means will stay private. Cyburbia does not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute personal information collected at the site, including email addresses. If Cyburbia is ever sold, one condition of sale will be that any personal information of users will remain confidential.

You will not get spam, virii, spyware, phishing attempts, or other malicious messages as as a result of emailing Cyburbia Administration or registering for the Cyburbia Forums. The message board software (vBulletin) is configured to keep email addresses hidden from unregistered visitors, new users, and search engines.

We will not release any information unless we have a legitimate subpoena, your consent, or there is an emergency involving personal danger. We many need to release information in cases of those who are hacking, spamming or otherwise abusing Cyburbia, to show proof of the incident and/or alert other parties.

Log information

Log information is collected and analyzed to determine how Cyburbia is used; find out how many people are visiting the site and what countries they come from; discover referring links; find evidence of hacking, image leeching and other abuse; and record the "click-through" of ads (if we have any) to determine their effectiveness.

There is no attempt to link log information with individuals that actually browse the site, except in cases of hacking, spamming or other abuse or suspicious behavior.


The Cyburbia Forums use cookies to store information on your computer, such as registration information, user preferences, read messages, and similar information. We cannot read the information on those cookies, nor can the cookies be read by other Web sites. Cookies may be deleted by logging out at the end of your session.

Email address harvesting by spammers: be careful!

The Cyburbia Forums and almost every other message board online are not immune to spiders that search the Web for email addresses. Your registered email address cannot be "grepped" or discovered by an address harvesting spider, because it does not appear on any pages the public can see. If you include an email address in a Fourms post, it's converted to an image that, as far as we know, is unreadable to spiders. Still, we can't totally ensure that a email address in a post will not be decoded by a spider in the future.

Online Privacy Alliance

We support the goals of the Online Privacy Alliance, a cross-industry coalition of more than 80 global companies and associations committed to promoting the privacy of individuals online. The Alliance is an ad hoc organization. Its sole purpose is to work to define privacy policy for the new electronic medium and to foster an online environment that respects consumer privacy.