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13 Best City Building Games for PC That You Must Play in 2018


I've played:

Anno 2205
Cities: Skylines
Tropico 5

They are all good at different things. Cities: Skylines is better than SimCity now. The other 3 aren't traditional city building games though, especially Banished and Tropico 5.

Banished is more about settling a new colony and building a medieval village. It's much smaller in scope and requires you to micro-manage your citizens. They have to be assigned specific jobs and resource collecting is a big deal. You can also lose your entire village to sickness or harsh weather. It's a fun game though, slower paced but very enjoyable.

Tropico 5 is also pretty limited. It's more about running a simulation of what essentially amounts to Cuba. The building types aren't as varied. I'd say it's more akin to running a government rather than just a city. t's an absolute blast though and IIRC they make it for consoles (PS4, Xbox, etc.).

Cities XXL is supposed to be pretty good. Forge of Empires is a mobile game from what I remember. There are a few others that aren't on the list. If you're into games like Another Brick in The Mall (last on the list) check out Prison Architect 1 or 2 and Rimworld. I haven't bought Rimworld yet but it looks fantastic. It's about building a space colony.


Staff member
I played an older Anno, and it was good.
I really like Banished.
Cities Skylines is pretty good for management, but gets really tedious.
I did not like Cities XXL.
SimCity is well, SimCity.
I always like Tropico games, even though they are painfully boring.
I haven't played Cities in Motion.
I haven't played Forge of Empires.
I have played a number of Settler's games, and would say they are on the bottom end of city building games.
I haven't played Aven Colony, Urban Empire, or Another Brick in the Mall.