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2019 March Madness

WSU MUP Student

I'll join up. It's always fun to watch MSU choke early lately.

Go Blue!

On a slightly related note, the Detroit Free Press ran a good article today detailing the riots after MSU was bounced from the '99 tournament, 20 years ago this month:

I was home on leave from Okinawa and friends at MSU invited me up to East Lansing to play cards and watch the MSU v Duke game. We went to Rally's for lunch that afternoon and saw a couple kids wearing shirts that said, "I survived the East Lansing Riots - March 27, 1999!" The game hadn't even been played yet! People had already burned some couches a few nights earlier when MSU beat Kentucky to get into the Final Four so the idiots were going to be idiots regardless of whether MSU won or lost that night.

Some friends went over to the Breslin Center to watch the game on the simulcast but we decided to stay in the dorm so we could drink. Ten or 15 minutes after the game ended one of the friends who had gone to the Breslin Center called the dorm to tell us there were tons of people out on Grand River and we should come try to find them so of course we did... and that's when we got front row seats to the destruction. I was standing in front of the Taco Bell when some kids decided to toss tear gas canisters through the windows into the restaurant and then wandered over to the Cedar Village apartment complex where we watched stuff get really wild.

Thankfully, I can say that none of us were doing anything destructive, which was probably the case for the vast majority of people in the gathered crowds. Most of the mayhem and destruction was probably caused by just a handful of idiots (including one kid we went to high school with who we later saw in the police blotter and ended up spending a few weeks in jail on some charge).


3 ACC teams could be #1s

I don't like the idea of a major conference school that's hovering around .500 getting the nod into the tournament over a mid-level conference team with a stellar record such as Belmont.


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Brackets are out! I only posted one of the 10, but it should be a great tournament this year!


Oh...you mean basketball? Eh, havent watched a single game again this year...but I'll play and fail again this year. ;)