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A Challenge


It is not all that often something from the national APA gets my attention, but this intrigues me:

Planning and Urban Design Standards: New Name, Better Book

One of the major outcomes of the Advisory Board meeting this past summer was the decision to change the name of the publication to Planning and Urban Design Standards. It was recognized that these two disciplines should be represented together in this book and that the title of the publication should reflect this intention.

One of the goals of the book is to provide the essential information needed by all areas of planning, recognizing the variations that occur depending upon geographical location, scale, and context. By presenting the subject matter as related to the broad field of planning, we hope to make that goal apparent.

Conversely, the book will be focusing on a specific area of design: urban design. Making this explicit in the title helps to clarify this intent. It also serves to bring the discussion of urban design into close connection to planning, providing an opportunity to see how one affects the other.

Please feel free to email any thoughts or comments you have on this to our new e-mail address puds@planning.org.

OK, get in a snarfle about the e-mail address. Done? I wonder how many contributions we can send in from Cyburbia. There's real talent at this site, why not let the people at APA know it?