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A Future of Peace and Safety

Earl Finkler

This is a rather global post, but the question is increasingly on my mind. So I wanted to ask you planners out there for some feedback and perspective.

How much will the people of the US pay, in money and lives of our military personnel, for our never-ending war in Iraq? And how much is this great country willing to alienate countries around the world, and sometimes be perceived as a bully?
Is that the only way we can be safe?

We all want to be safe and secure, but what about the media and our national leadership developing and sharing a vision of a peaceful way to resolve differences? And planners might be able to help as the population increases and resources, including land, water, and many species, are threatened.

I have grandchildren, and I'm sure some of you do as well, or will have down the road. What kind of world, what kind of deficits, what kind of climate change and environmental problems are we handing down to them?

On a more positive side, I'm absolutely convinced that the Chicago Cubs will win it all in 2004. No jinxes or demented fans grabbing for foul balls next season.

Peace to you all.