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A Great Kunstler Quote


I'm sorry, I love this little Kunstler quip he posted today: :-D

"military power is, increasingly, all that is left of the national wealth and social capital we have squandered in order to become a society of obese motorists driving from Nascar to WalMart to Las Vegas in search of "excitement.""


I've been a fan of this one from one of THE books for some time, being one who dislikes postmodernism:
“Freedom, in this culture, means that whatever makes you happy is okay. This is the freedom of a fourteen-year-old child. Freedom to eat a whole box of donuts in one sitting. Freedom to make a mess, to be loud and obnoxious, to blow things up, to inflict injury for the thrill of it, to conceive babies without care or thought for the consequences. Mostly, it is freedom from parental authority which, when it exists at all now, often functions at a level qualitatively no higher than a child’s. Under this version of freedom, there is no legitimate claim for any authority to regulate human desires – not even the personal conscience – nor any appropriate scale of management, and all supposed authorities are viewed as corrupt, mendacious, and irrelevant. This view of freedom is not what Hamilton, Jefferson, Madison, and the other founders had in mind. It is these crude emotional states masquerading as ideas about democracy and freedom.”