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A little reading


Here's somthing from a book I'm writting.

“Whenever your ready Fred.” Rob said as he opened his eyes. The response from Fred was a blank stare. “Whenever your ready Fred.” Rob repeated with a little more enthusiasm.
Fred had noticed Rob’s impatience from the moment he had arrived, so Fred took a deep breath before speaking. “Lets do this tomorrow Rob.”
Fred had been pushing Rob into this hypnosis thing for the past three weeks. “Get to the bottom of the dreams” was Fred’s campaign slogan. Now that Rob had been talked into it tomorrow wouldn’t do. ‘What the hell” Rob thought. “Look Fred if this is going to be a tomorrow thing I don’t know if I’m going to be still interested.” Rob got up and started toward the office door.
“Million, “ Fred groaned casually as if to start a statement but didn’t. Rob turned around, now annoyed, and looked Fred straight in the eyes. “What’s up Fred, if your worried about your little dream project here, you ought to be, it’s about to head right out that door.”
Fred said “You just answered to million.”
Rob said “What?”
Fred continued “I called you million and you answered what.”
Irritation crossed Robs face “Tree ...Grass, Cat...Dog, Ass...Fred. Haven’t we already done this word association thing?”
Fred held back his chuckle, he had always been amused at Robs quick wit. “I’m just wondering if you know why you answered to Million?”
Rob lit a smoke and walked back to the desk. “So, I thought you said Rob, or maybe I didn’t hear you clearly. What’s your point Fred?” Fred continued as if he didn’t hear Rob. “Well my point is that you subconsciously answered to the word million as if it where your name or nickname. When you ad that to the fact that it was your nickname in your previous life, it becomes interesting.” Fred then began fumbling threw his notes.
“Fred,” Rob wasn’t amused. “If this is some kind of new wave therapy, I think I can do without.” The new wave comment kind of struck threw the ego, Fred had been trying a few new tricks on Rob to try and discover the source of the dreams, they hadn’t worked and Rob had a ‘told you so’ attitude from the beginning.
Fred brushed it off. “Rob you’d better sit down.”
The two men sat in silence While Fred researched his notes. Then Fred began to scratch his brow and fumble for the rights words. “While under hypnosis you ah.....”
Rob raised his right hand. “Fred, You’ve never hypnotized me before, I’m afraid you’ve got the wrong notes there buddy.”
Fred pointed to the DVD recorder in the corner of the office. “Just now Rob right here in the office, I hypnotized you.” Fred could tell, Rob wasn’t buying. “Look at your watch Rob.”
Rob glanced to his watch, expecting to find it was a little past noon, but the watch caught him off guard, it was 2:12. Rob was buying it now, from the look on his face he had already made the purchase.
Rob kept his head in his hands for some time. Then looked up and said, “what’s happened Fred?” Rob looked like a kid with his hand caught in a cookie jar. His emotions where racing in embarrassment, like he had fallen asleep in a public place. “ I really need to know what happened Fred.”
“I know your confused, Rob, and if this had been a normal hypnosis I would spill my standard ‘welcome back to today speech’ and try to make everything better. But.....”
Rob interrupted Fred and asked, “what do you mean by normal?”
Fred stuttered, “well I ah...”
This time Rob’s interruption snapped like a whip, “spill it Fred.”
“I think the best way to handle this Rob, is to let you see for yourself.” Fred again motioned to the DVD recorder. After crossing the room Fred hit play on the recorder and the TV beneath came to life.
Both men watched as Fred took Rob back, twenties, then teens, on through child hood, then beyond his birth. Rob felt a strange edge creep up over him, he knew it was himself on the screen, but he sure didn’t feel like it.
For sometime Robs image remained unresponsive. As silent as the room both on and off screen. Then he gently jerked in the chair as if startled. Fred sat forward and asked, “What’s wrong?...What do you see?”
Rob smiled and shook his head. “The sun is very bright today.”
Fred asked again. “What can you see?”
“From here I can see for miles, ever roof in the village glows red before me.” Rob cleared his throat and continued, “It’s very beautiful.”
Fred asked. “Where are you?”
“Resting on the hill above the Village, the climb seems to become tougher.”
Previous life regression was not Fred’s speciality, but he had acquired a list of questions to ease the patient into the new roll, but Rob had jumped in feet first, with his shoes on. Fred started the list anyway. “What is your name?”
Rob began to smile, “Million.” the little smirk stood fast on his face like a private joke. “They all call me Million.”
Then Fred asked “Million, What is it you do?”
Rob replied “I’m a sailor and a traveler, at one point I was even a soldier. However I must have been a bad one, I was captured.”
Fred noted that this seemed comical too Rob.
Rob leaned forward and said “I have sailed all seas and traveled all lands known. I’ve seen things that you could only dream.”
Fred asked “Where is it that you go now Million?”
“I go home to sleep.”
A little confusion crossed Fred’s face. “Why do you sleep in the day?”
Rob nodded his head. “At my age, I sleep when I can, besides my dreams are far better than this old bag of bone I wonder around in.”
Now Fred started to leave his list behind. “Million, How old are you?”
“Evidently too old to walk this route home.” Rob turned as if to greet someone, then he nodded a few times and began a curious motion with his hands.
Fred asked “What is it million?”
“It is a messenger with a letter.” Rob replied “He says it’s been lost for sometime, maybe years.”
Fred realized the hand actions were unfolding paper. As Rob began to read the imaginary tears began to flow down his cheeks.
Rob thought it looked freaky to himself crying with his eyes closed.
As he cried uncontrollably, Fred just remained silent allowing the moment to pass, but it didn’t Rob just kept crying.
Finally Fred began again “What is it Million, what does the letter say?”
Between the tears Rob said “It is a message from the east, she has died, many years ago and I did not know. Not long after I left her there. All this time I’ve waited, waiting to see her greet me on this path, or in the harbor. My dreams of her have been everywhere.” Rob continued to cry but now with his head in his hands.
Fred waited a few moments then asked. “Who has died Million?”
Still weeping in his hands Rob replied. “Kokejin has died.”
Fred again paused a few moments then asked. “Who is Kokejin?”
Robs head jerked up and his eyes opened, catching Fred way off guard, he had never seen a hypnosis patient open their eyes without being told to. Rob’s eyes appeared as pools of wet green sea water, and his face cast in a stone gaze as he said “Kokejin Khan, daughter to the emperor Kablai Khan, Grandson to the great Gengis Khan.” Rob’s eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched. “My name is Marco Polo.”

What do ya think? anyone?