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A note to planners in the UK and Ireland

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Dear Leader
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Welcome to the Cyburbia Forums!

Even though the discussion found in the forums can sometimes seem North America/Australia-centric, we welcome and encourage participation from planners and others interested in the built environment from around the world.

There is a bit of a chicken-and-egg syndrome when it comes to participation by UK planners. "I don't want to post because there is nobody that can answer my question." We know the planning system in the UK is much different than the comprehensive plan/zoning system used in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and not many will be familiar with specific planning acts or processes. That doesn't mean we don't share the same challenges -- urban sprawl, transport problems, out-of-town retail development, the decline of our main/high streets, or a struggle to preserve a "sense of place" in our cities and towns. Don't let our accents stop you from discussing topics that may or may not be unique to your side off the pond.

In the Friday Afternoon Club, the off-topic subforum, Cyburbians regularly discuss Premier League football, cricket tests, and other sporting, cultural and political events closer to home. We encourage such discussions, and we hope you don't hesitate to post something because you think it might alienate North American and Australian Cyburbians. Don't be afraid to ask about the meaning of American or Australian English terms.

Why not spread the word to your colleauges? We'd like to make this resource as useful to you as it is to planners elsewhere; that will only be possible with a critical mass of UK planners. Can you help out?


Dan Tasman AICP
Cyburbia Webmaster
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