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American Planning Association Member Update April 2002


A shadow of my former self
Staff member
Jeri Parish, Advertising Manager
APA's new Consultant Service -- the only service of its kind on the Internet
-- is one of the most popular features on the new website. It's designed to
help not only planning consultants but also the agencies that want to hire
them. Consultants can register for Consultant Services, customize their
firms' online listings in a dozen ways, and include hot links to their own
websites. Agencies looking for consultants may post RFPs and RFQs on APA's
website for free. We send an e-mail notification to registered consultants
within minutes after each new Request is posted. Consultants' business cards
are printed in Planning magazine -- in color or black and white -- every
other month. Go to the Consultant Services section of the APA website at
www.planning.org/consultant/overview.htm to register your firm or to post an
RFP or RFQ from your agency. Questions? E-mail Jeri Parish at
jparish@planning.org for more information.

Peter Hawley, Outreach Coordinator
APA's partnership with the Fannie Mae Foundation continues to evolve. Last
spring the Foundation sponsored a symposium on "fair growth" at the 2001
National Planning Conference. It also supported the production of conference
proceedings on CD-ROM and their distribution to all registrants. Last fall,
CEO Stacey Davis invited APA to be a founding partner of the KnowledgePlex,
its interactive website that offers a cornucopia of information and
connections to those engaged in promoting affordable housing and community
development. This year, with a grant of $15,000, the Foundation is
underwriting our conference's new "Internet Cafe," which will give attendees
direct access to APA's website and their own e-mail as well as
KnowledgePlex. The Foundation is also sponsoring a special symposium on
"Housing Affordability by Design" (Tuesday, 2:30-5:15 p.m.), which will
showcase innovations in housing and examine ways to overcome regulatory
barriers. A transcript of the symposium will be posted on
www.knowledgeplex.org following the conference.

Carolyn Torma, Director of Education
Saturday, April 13, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.
The "Youth Shaping Vision for the Region" workshop allows conference
attendees to participate with as many as 100 young people in an Electronic
Town Hall Meeting. You will lay the groundwork for a larger Regional Youth
Summit sponsored by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission as part of
the metropolitan area comprehensive general plan update. Price: $30. Call
NIPC at 312-454-0400 to register, or see registration information at