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An update From the "Sticks"


Hi All:
I've been away for quite a while and I guess I should confess that I'm the one who originally started this discussion in the old "peeves" forum. Many of you may recall certain posts in the old forums posted under my online moniker "Planner in Purgatory" - yep, that was me!

In the past I've made use of the "peeves" forum as a means of stress relief in an attempt to keep my sanity given the range of lay-persons, government officials, politicians and fellow planners I've dealt with (sometimes even sucessfully).

Before I go further, I'd like to extend a note of thanks to Tan Tasman - the caretaker of this website. It goes without saying that Dan deserves all our thanks in developing this website as a forum which planners can use as a resource, soap box, bully pulpit and occasionally even as an outhouse!

I have only one question Dan - where do you find the time to keep on top of things here?

I don't really have any funny stories to pass along right now, but I encourage others out there in cyberspace to keep the contributions coming!