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Announcements - 7 July 2002


Dear Leader
Staff member
1) Animated Avatar Week is, in fact, Animated Avatar Fortnight. You can use those ittitating icons to identify yourself through Friday.

2) New policy regarding animated images: they're okay in the Cyburbia Community forums (except for avatars, since they'll show up in all of your posts), but try not to post 'em in the "Planning and the Built Environment" forums.

3) I just bought a license for PhotoPost, an image gallery program that integrates with vBulletin. When it's configured, up and running, all Cyburbia Forums users can create their own online photo galleries. Images displayed in the new Cyburbia Gallery should be related to the built environment; skylines, examples of good development, urban scenes and so on -- such galleries won't have a quota. Limited personal galleries will be permitted.

Pornographic images will not be permitted in the Cyburbia Gallery. I don't have a way to screen porn from minors, and its presence will drain my allocated monthly bandwidth in a few days.