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Another Great Rant


Kunstler's current rant has something for everyone, pro-war, anti-war, etc.

I thought this was pretty good:

"We're in it because we have entered a new era of international politics. The Democratic Progressives are most confused because the nature of the struggle goes against their most cherished idea of the past quarter-century: diversity. All cultures are equally okay and ought to co-exist peacefully. Radical Islam doesn't believe this silly **** at all. Radical Islam thinks that western culture, in particular its American branch, should be wiped off the face of the earth. They have the money and the personnel to try to accomplish this and they are going for it by any means necessary.
A big part of the American public, meanwhile, still wants to celebrate diversity while motoring in air conditioned comfort with the cup-holders full of iced drinks and old Beatles hits on the stereo -- give peace a chance! These are the people who complain because the Iraq war is "all about oil."
Okay, then, fine. Give up your big cars and air conditioning and iced sport beverages and walk to work from Cherokee Count, Ga, to Dekalb, if you still have a job in a post-oil economy.
The news is that defending the way of life we've grown accustomed to is going to be very costly. We're in Iraq because we need desperately to maintain a police station in the Middle East, especially next door to Saudi Arabia, so the whole region doesn't fall under the sway of jihad, taking the stability of the global oil markets with it. That was the reason from the start, whatever the window-dressing of politics might have been.
If the Democratic Progressives want to grow up and act like a respectable and responsible opposition, they might quit being crybabies about the war and commence some public reflection on the insanity of our current way of life, which has no future under any circumstances. I'd like to hear the Democratic Progressives talk about restoring passenger railroad service and public transit. I'd like to see one Democratic politician stand up against WalMart and the forces that destroy local economies. I'd like to see one of them talk about stopping subsidies to suburban sprawl. I'd like to hear one define a new national purpose beyond bargain shopping and trips to Las Vegas for "excitement.""