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APA Dateline, June 24, 2002


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Dateline: June 24, 2002

-- The State of Urban (Im)Mobility --
Once more, the Texas Transportation Institute shares the bad news - traffic got even worse last year - and the good news - there are more roadways and transit, ramp metering, HOV lanes, and
incentives to make trips at different times. According to the annual TTI Urban Mobility Study, urban congestion is growing in three increasingly visible ways: the time penalty for making "rush-hours" trips
is greater, the period of time that travelers might encounter traffic congestion is longer, the number of streets and freeways that are congested is higher.

Visit the study's main page: http://mobility.tamu.edu/ums/
Check out national congestion tables: http://mobility.tamu.edu/ums/study/appendix_A/
Download the entire report at the TTI website: http://mobility.tamu.edu/ums/study/final_report.pdf

-- Urban Life on Your Computer's Speakers --
"Smart City" is a weekly hour-long radio show that delves into all aspects of urban life. Recent topics include summer festivals, transforming neighborhoods, re-engaging citizens in public policy, and
urban design in America. An archive of past shows is available for listening on the website of the show's producer, the marketing and public relations company Coletta and Company. The program is
based at WKNO-FM, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Visit the show's homepage: http://www.colettaandcompany.com/public/4_3-smart_city.cfm
Browse the archive of past programs: http://www.colettaandcompany.com/public/4_3_4-pastshowslist.cfm

-- Study Finds Americans Troubled by Lack of Affordable Housing --
Working families consider the lack of affordable homes as big a problem as the lack of affordable health care, according to a study by the Fannie Mae Foundation. Roughly the same percentage of
working Americans (41 percent) believe the lack of affordable homes is a very or fairly big problem as compared to the lack of affordable health care (39 percent), and more believe it is a very or fairly
big problem than high unemployment (34 percent) or crime (20 percent). In addition, 46 percent of working families say there are few to no good options for families in similar financial situations looking
for affordable places to live.

Visit the foundation homepage: http://www.fanniemaefoundation.org/
Read the report: http://www.fanniemaefoundation.org/news/pr/2002spr/Report061602.pdf

-- The History of Building - Virtually --
The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., has launched a new virtual exhibition, Building America, accessible through the Internet. Building America will explore the broad scope of American
achievement in architecture, engineering, construction, planning, design, and landscape architecture. The new exhibition is meant to augment the museum's main site, which has been redesigned and
expanded. The new exhibit is reached through the museum site's homepage. To view the Building America exhibition, you must have Flash installed on your computer.

Visit the museum homepage and Building America: http://www.nbm.org/

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