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[APA mailing list] American Planning Association Member Update


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Conference Housing Information Is Now Online
Deene Alongi, Director of Conferences, announces that plans are underway for the American Planning Association's National Planning Conference in Chicago, April 13-17, 2002. Online housing reservations are handled through One-Stop Chicago. It's easy -- just go to http://www.planning.org/conference/2002/index.htm and follow the instructions. The reservation deadline for all hotels is March 15, 2002.
Most conference sessions will be held at the Hyatt Regency Chicago; GIS sessions will be held at the Swissotel, which is adjacent to the Hyatt. We expect the main conference hotel to sell out quickly -- reserve your room soon and get your first choice! Look for meeting registration information in December.
APA & AICP Slated Candidates
Barbara Hoffman, Director of Leadership Affairs, reports that the APA Nominating Committee and the AICP Nominating Committee met separately on Saturday, August 25, 2001, and selected the following candidates.
The APA slated candidates include:
President-elect: Dennis Andrew Gordon, FAICP (IN) and Mary Kay Peck, AICP
Region I: Anna Breinich, AICP (PA) and Josh Moreinis, AICP (NY)
Region V: Dean Brennan, AICP (AZ) and Nora Shepard, AICP (UT)
Region VI: John Bridges, AICP (CA) and Steve Preston, FAICP (CA)
Director at-Large: Teree Bergman, FAICP (IN) and Michael Davolio, AICP (WA)
Director at-Large Focused: Patricia Sheffels (WA) and Stephen Miller (CO)
The AICP slated candidates include:
AICP President-elect: Michael Harper, AICP (NV) and Daniel Lauber, AICP (IL)

Region I: Donald Krueckeberg, FAICP (NJ) and Robert Mitchell, AICP (MA)
Region V: Alan L. Canter, AICP (CO) and Martin Landers, AICP (CO)
Region VI: Joyce Crosthwaite, AICP (CA) and Mark Winogrond, AICP (CA)
Audio Conference Training Series
Carolyn Torma, Director of Education, reminds members that it is not too late to register for the remaining three audio conference programs. Visit http://www.planning.org/educ/audiocon.htm or contact Angela Lawson, Education Assistant, at alawson(at)planning.org for registration information. The program includes:
Teardowns, Monster Homes, and Appropriate Infill
December 5, 2001
Context-Sensitive Signs
February 6, 2002

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