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APA Online Action Center Revised and Expanded


A shadow of my former self
Staff member
> APA Online Action Center Revised and Expanded - Now Including State-level
> Advocacy Services for Chapters!
> Beginning this month you may have noticed a newly enhanced feature in the
> Legislation & Policy section of our website. We have expanded the services
> and content of the online Legislative Action Center. Now, in addition to
> providing information and email links to your members in Congress, the
> action center includes State Legislators, your Governor, federal and state
> agencies, and even local media outlets!
> Best of all, there's no cost to your Chapter for this expanded service.
> Basically, you now have access to a state-level online advocacy tool that
> can be customized for your legislative agenda. This new site is an
> expanded benefit to your chapter members and a great way for APA National
> and its Chapters not only to strengthen our advocacy at the federal level
> but also at the state level.
> The easiest way to understand the new site and the possibilities is to
> visit it at <http://capwiz.com/amplan/home/> and play around with it.
> Jason Jordan and I will give a demonstration of the site and an overview
> of how to use it at the Chicago Conference during the Legislative Liaison
> Luncheon on Sunday, April 14 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Comiskey
> Room at the Hyatt, but I wanted to provide you with this email as an
> introduction of the site before the Conference. I have attached a
> promotional flyer on the new service to this email.
> Let's say that your Chapter is heavily involved in a piece of legislation
> that you want to see passed. Our legislative action center is an
> excellent tool to inform your members about the bill and to provide them
> with a means to quickly contact their state legislator. People can access
> the site either from visiting www.planning.org/legislation and going to
> the Legislative Action Center or a "web sticker" can be placed on your
> Chapter's site that would direct interested parties to the action center.
> All the user would have to do is enter his or her zip code in the 'action
> link', and the issues, their legislator's photo and contact information
> would appear. This "web sticker" is an easy, great way to immediately add
> new functionality to your website! APA staff will contact your Chapter's
> webmaster to inform them about adding the link.
> Many of you already draft updates on state legislation and action alerts
> for your members. Now, these tools can easily be posted on the action
> center and your members will have an easy way to make their voice heard at
> the State Capitol. And, for those of you who track legislation but
> haven't had a venue to get this information to your members, this new
> action center is a perfect tool to supplement your conferences and
> newsletters. All you have to do is forward to me material for posting on
> the action center. It's that easy. Although we do not have the staff
> capacity to monitor action in your state legislature and draft alerts for
> you, we can work with you on how to develop these materials. The service
> is only as good as the level of participation by the Chapter, so we hope
> you'll get started immediately Send your material to me at
> dcahill@planning.org .
> Before the conference, please check out the website and bring any
> questions that you may have concerning it to the meeting. We hope that
> this site can be an effective tool in your Chapter advocacy at the state
> level. We are committed to building the advocacy capacity of APA and our
> Chapters. This service is just one more tool for us to use in promoting
> our state and federal legislative agenda to - make great communities
> happen. Feel free to contact me with any questions.