Land use: general Article - California just gave coastal states a blueprint to block Trump’s offshore drilling plan


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California has another trick up its sleeve: a federal law called the Coastal Zonal Management Act.
The law, designed to boost federal and state cooperation in managing the nation's waters, gives states authority to review offshore federal and industrial activity that could impact their local environment.
California May Have A Way To Block Trump's Offshore Drilling Push

When oil companies drill offshore, they still need to build infrastructure onshore, things like pipelines and helicopter pads. And it's cities who control the zoning and building permits that allow that, not the federal government.

"A coastal wall of resistance"

Santa Cruz proposed a ballot measure that said if an oil company wanted to build facilities on land, residents would have to vote on it first.
It passed.
The measure also designated funds to spread the idea, so Santa Cruz hired Dan Haifley to be an anti-oil Johnny Appleseed.